Top 10 things no one tells you about the 2nd trimester

10. You feel and look radiant. So much so, there was a distinct lack of filtering on my Instagram selfies during the second trimester. My hair was thick, shiny and bouncy and never looked dull. My skin too was positively glowing. I wore limited make up and instantly you’re in a good mood from the word go.

9. The horrible nausea and sickness that caused you to be bed bound for 12 weeks has suddenly disappeared! Sure, there’ll be some reading this saying ‘not for me… that awful feeling lasted right up until labour’ but for most it goes completely or at least subsides a little as you go into month four.

8. Your bump is visible enough for people not to be like ‘is she pregnant or just still carrying some extra holiday weight?’ but you’re not yet rotund enough to not be able to the things you need to do. Basically, there is no need for spanx in a tight dress AND you can still do your shoes up and roll over in bed. Winning!

7. You are ravenous at all times! Sure I’m growing a baby and all that but my Christ was I hungry. I had to have a snack between breakfast and lunch like I was some sort of whining toddler. I remember one occasion where I’d had tea and biscuits at work at 15:00, left at 16:00 and couldn’t make it home without eating so I stopped at drive thru McDonalds for a cheeseburger. Savage.

6. You can stay awake ALL DAY! Like when you weren’t with child. You’re like a real life adult again! You’d think, the baby is bigger now I must need more sleep but it’s the total opposite. You can also get comfortable enough to be able to sleep at night. Unlike the third trimester – I’ll come on to that at a later date.

5. You’ll start to feel kicks!! The average time to start feeling kicks is anything between week 16 and week 25. It’s apparently slightly earlier for subsequent pregnancies. My first kick was at week 19. It’s difficult to tell at first as I just feels like the aftermath of a dodgy ruby but after a few days they become more apparent and thats when you know its those teeny tiny arms and legs having a party in there!

4. You can still fly! Hurrah!! Guidance for most airlines is that you can fly up to 36 weeks (its earlier for multiples) however you may need what’s known as a ‘fit to fly’ letter from your midwife between week 28 and 36. Our last trip was when I was 29 weeks. Got my letter, had it ready at the gate and no bugger asked for it! I felt like it was my 18th birthday all over again standing outside my local spoonies with my driving licence in hand and just getting a mere ‘evening ladies’ and an open door. ASK FOR MY SPECIAL LETTER GOD DAMN IT!!

3. Your steering wheel and bump do not yet meet and your bump can usually just slot under any table/desk when you’re seated. Bear in mind this is coming from someone who is 5ft so most people should be fine with this for a little while yet.

2. Your 20 week anomaly scan is in the second trimester. This is the time, where if you’re impatient like us, where you can find out the gender of your baby(ies)! This scan also picks up on any health concerns with the baby(ies) for the medical staff to be aware with at birth. Annnnd…. You get another more detailed snap of your baby! Who doesn’t want more snaps?!

1. You can relax. The awkward ‘keeping it a secret’ part is over. You can finally tell the world. People do everything for you – let them. You can start buying bits, decorating the nursery, but there’s no mad rush, you have ages to go still! Kick back in your leggings with a cuppa rosie and a good book. This may be the last chance you get to properly relax until that foetus of yours is at University.


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